Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Book Formerly Known as Real Life Journals

If you've seen this ad on Amazon (or anywhere else) please know that this is a paperback version of Real Life Journals and NOT a new book.  Sterling decided to bring RLJ out in paper, keeping everything about the book exactly the same (except for incorporating a couple of corrections-- the ones on this blog, for example);  they've kept the nice little booklet that is separate from the main book, and they've kept the pull-out sheet of bookbinding basics.  They've kept the exact same cover design.  What they've changed, however, is the title.

I want to be perfectly clear that this book is essentially the same thing as RLJ.  If you already have it in hardcover, you don't need this version.  If, however, you've been checking this book out of your public library forever and want to get your own hard cover copy, strike now, because there are very few copies left, and Sterling won't be reprinting the hard cover version.  If you don't have RLJ and would like to buy it in paperback, you can do so beginning around August. 

I personally think the subtitle should be The Book Formerly Known as Real Life Journals, but nobody was asking me for an opinion on this!


  1. If I had assumed this was a new book, I might just have ordered.....very responsible of you! Thanks! So enjoy your book!

  2. Hi Gwen, thanks for posting!I indeed have seen Amazon ads and became confused because the cover of the "new" book is the same as RLJ (wich I alread bought). Thanks for enlight us.

  3. Thanks, Gwen. I would have been very tempted!