Monday, August 13, 2012

A Great Collection of Artwork

This post isn't about journals except in a very broad sense.  Last week I made a catalog through for a group of women artists that I used to belong to back in the 80s when I lived in Indana.  I think you'll enjoy seeing the catalog, which should be visible by clicking on the link above.  (I still have to check and make sure this link works.  If not, I'll use a different one and edit this one.) The catalog and the written entries form a kind of group journal that tells about what these artists have been up to the past 35 years.

Well, I can't get the cut and paste code from Blurb to work here, but this is what you can do:  Go to and search for the book by name:  IWCA .  or you can search under my name.  When the book comes up on the Blurb site, click on "Preview" to see all the inside pages.


  1. Very well written information. It will be helpful for anyone who utilizes it, including myself .Keep up the good work. Looking forward to-more posts.

  2. I bought your book when in the USA some time ago. I love it and I don't see where you would put corrections.....One of the best books I ever bought. I am happy to have found you here and to follow your blog in the future.

  3. hi Gwen

    thinking of you and family and dear ones now, as the storm hits the east coast.
    Go well - there'll be some amazing work coming out of it all i'm sure!

    stay well and warm there.
    we're sending our love from Australia!


  4. Thanks, Rosie! It's more of a first snowstorm with a lot of wind where we live. Luckily we had a very tall, dangerously leaning tree that was right next to our house taken down a few weeks ago.

  5. thats a relief about the tree, Gwen. hang in there over the next little while, seems like a bit of a choppy season, hope it settles for you all soon.
    Snow and wind, bitey fresh times!

    stay warm and happy making of things