Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Tannequins! (for my old friend Joan G.)

One more mannequin piece and I promise I will move on to something else!  But I saw a high school friend the other night at our reunion and she told me she actually loves my mannequins!  I was so excited I promised to post my latest drawing of them and here they are:  the Tannequins!!  These are real mannequins, I am not making this up.  I am having a hard time imagining them in a department store somewhere, but they are great looking at the Tobacco Barn in all their gleaming tanness and musculature, even though headless.  (If you turn your head sideways you can read a little bit about them.)


  1. Mannequins are facinating. It always seems like there is a spirit in there wanting out. I once saw a life size mannequin fully beaded. I wanted that so bad. Just think of the hours it took to get all those tiny beads on there.

  2. I never told you Gwen but I absolutely LOVE, LOVE your work, ever since your images jumped at me at The Decorated in Jill's book, and here, abundance of drawings and journal pages, mini magical worlds.

  3. Thanks Lisa and Orly! More to come soon, but I'm bogged down right now editioning a large woodcut and trying to get out of town next week.