Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Two Posts in One Week!

Usually the effort of posting takes me at least two weeks to recover from, but this week,  I received a review of an art exhibition that I thought might be interesting to those of you who enjoy artists' books, so here it is.  I wish I had images for all the other artists, but I haven't been to the show as it is in Chattanooga, many miles from Asheville.  I'll write to the show's curator and see if she will send me some of the other images, and if I get them, I'll definitely pass them on to you.

Meanwhile, the image above is from one of my books that is in the show, an accordion-folded book, the pages of which are one very long hand-colored woodcut print called Row, Row.  The article below includes another image of a book from the show, Susie Hall's  Fall Folios," plus the newspaper review, which makes interesting reading as it gives a nice overview of some of the work that's currently being done in this field.  I'll also post my other three books from the show.

(I'll move this posting to the Exhibitions page of this blog for easy access in the future.)
from Felicitous Space by Gwen Diehn
from Imrana by Gwen Diehn
from Ice Fishing in New Hampshire by Gwen Diehn


  1. I wish there was someplace we could see inside these books...do you have any plans to show them this way? They are wonderful!

  2. I am going to post the insides as well as outsides of a few of the books in the show this week. The curator sent me some images. Stay tuned!

  3. I love the "merrily, merrily, merrily". Also, I saw this tutorial, and thought of you. Have you made a wallet from a boot before?