Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tutorial is Up

Yesterday I promised not only a tutorial from me but also nine others from friends of mine.  You can find mine in my topics column on the right under Tutorial 2.  The other tutorials that are being posted today are by Melly Testa and Kelly Nina Perkins.  To get to these, go to the "You Might Also Enjoy" column and click on their names.

Tomorrow you will find tutorials by Jane LaFazio, Carla Sonheim, and Tracie Lyn Huskamp.  And Thursday, check out Lyric Kinard, Alisa Burke, Judy Perez, and Jill Berry.  All their links are in the "You Might Also Enjoy" column.


  1. Thank you. What a great idea! I usually make slip covers from fabric. Shall have to give this one a go. Now, to find someone who eats chips...

  2. Does your new sketchbook crinkle loudly when you open it?