Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Election Countdown Day 90 -75 More or Less

Here is Donnie on Day 90.  Now watch him disappear-poof!

We begin removing his power centers, his chakras. I’m not going in order anymore:  certain areas were calling out to be removed!

I added a fever dream to Donnie today.

Election Countdown

We need a countdown calendar to help us survive the next 90 days.  Here’s Countdown Donnie.  He’s made out of post its and Sharpies.  Each day I’ll peel off a little rectangle and then burn the piece in a fire pit.  We can watch Donnie disappear like magic! 

Ways of Wearing a Mask

This is the third print in my series of three fund-raising prints.  Based on a sketch from my daytimer sketchbook, this one is 6 x 8” , a relief print with watercolor and gouache printed on various handmade papers as well as kozo.  Varied edition of 20, title Ways of Wearing a Mask.

Are We There Yet?

This is the second of the series of three prints that I made and sold to help raise money for the Navaho Covid-19 relief effort.  This is a relief print with watercolor and gouache added.  6 x 8” edition 20 printed on kozo paper, title  Are We There Yet?”

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

The Eyes

These are two proofs from a multi-block relief print based on the drawing that I did in my daytimer last week.  Dimensions are 6.75x9”,  and papers are handmade from cotton denim (bottom) and corn leaves, straw, abaca, and hemp (top).  The print is the first in a series of three that I did to help raise money for the Navaho-Hopi Covid-19 relief effort.  Title: Eyes.

Sunday, May 3, 2020

Seven Day Challenge Day 7

Night Games/Wide woodcut print with small rubber eraser prints , watercolor 10 x 12”  And below book version of this print.

Seven Day Challenge Day 6

 Helena Kottanner’s Memoire  8 x 12 x 1/2” limp vellum binding with Twinrocker paper, vellum straps, Cartiera Magnani Velota  paper, 56 blocks carved out of poplar, printed on an antique Vandercook letterpress, hand-touched with watercolor;  photopolymer text plates by Brandon Mies; edition 125.  Published with a Library Fellows grant from the National Museum of Women in the Arts. Manuscript by Helene Kottanner.  Translated from Middle High German to English by Hildegard Stalzer Bomer with a Readers Digest Teacher-Scholar grant.